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Dreams and Detours

Dec 9, 2021

“Conflict cannot survive without your participation” said Wayne Dyer. As we get into the holiday season, Susan talks about setting healthy boundaries in order to minimize combative, uncomfortable situations with family or friends. The choice to participate is always yours. 


Dreams and Detours:

Dec 2, 2021

We often hear ‘you are more than your worst thought or moment’ to stop judging ourselves and to show self-love. But what if you didn’t learn self-love or to be kind to yourself? What if you were led to believe that you are the problem, and it sends you down the path of trying to control or fix everything?...

Nov 12, 2021

Susan continues the conversation about bad habits that come from staying in destructive situations too long. When life is spinning you around and around, the choice is yours to stop the ride and make changes. We are responsible for our own happiness, and the kindness we bring to our own lives and others.

Dreams and...

Oct 28, 2021

Susan talks about the bad habits that come from staying in a relationship too long. Instead of perfecting the art of romance, couples become masters of reducing the other. No one wins, especially if there are children involved. Communication is vital in every relationship. 


Dreams and Detours:

Oct 14, 2021

Susan sat down with Cherlyn Decker to talk about her big pivot from a corporate career to being a successful entrepreneur. Cherlyn’s discovery to let her faith be her guide was the magic she had been seeking. By being a faith-based coach for others Cherlyn offers clients a chance to bring their spiritual beliefs into...