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Dreams and Detours

Nov 26, 2020

As we get ready for the holiday season, it will be difficult to navigate celebration with the continued effects of the coronavirus. Susan shares an episode from July when we were trying to figure out life then. It seems things have only become more frustrating.


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It means so much to us that you...

Nov 19, 2020

Alison Bull joins Susan to talk about the importance of investing in ourselves: time, money and attention. It is okay to ask for help, to know when a task is outside of our expertise, and to take a walk to restore our sanity. Talk is cheap, action is crucial.


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Nov 5, 2020

Susan sits down with Elizabeth Green, British expat and newly published author. Elizabeth shares her former life back in the U.K. and the unrest she felt most of her life. After years of marriage and raising three children, Elizabeth moved to NYC, opened a restaurant called Planted, and wrote her memoir. She proves...

Oct 30, 2020

It has been a messy and strange year. Life was already challenging, now we have an added layer of discomfort. I think our suffering is connecting us, and that might be a very good thing. When we recognize that we are more alike than not, that’s when we can start to really see each other. Do you see what I...

Oct 22, 2020

When we hide behind our screens, we become a version of ourselves that exists only in that virtual space. We speak freely, feel audacious, and perhaps even bold enough to reveal some of our deepest desires. It’s exciting to freely express ourselves, but when that illusory persona gets tangled in reality, it’s messy....