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Dreams and Detours

Jan 28, 2021

Susan discusses the importance of modeling good behavior and the consequences she experienced when double standards were a theme in her upbringing. Getting mixed messages was a disastrous web of contradictions that took years to untangle.


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Jan 21, 2021

Susan speaks to Lydia Bowser about cultivating our lives to match the values that drive us, both personally + professionally. Lydia shares her stories of being in the wrong marriage, and then wrong job, all while shaping herself for the life she has today. Her passion for motherhood, while modeling kindness and...

Jan 8, 2021

If only a new year could really reset us and all that is happening around us. Susan shares a short message about carrying on, loving ourselves above all else, and taking steps toward building a life that turns you on. Don’t let fear or detours be obstacles. There is enormous freedom in just being yourself.