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Dreams and Detours

Apr 28, 2023

Susan had the pleasure to chat with Daphnie Summers, artist, writer, and survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Daphnie’s college studies in psychology deepened her understanding of trauma along with her committed journey to her own healing. Daphnie had the chance to attend the Saprea retreat, a program...

Apr 14, 2023

In an encore episode, Susan talks about the importance of having boundaries and the way in which we can reshape our lives by setting limits in all of our relationships. Once a people pleaser, she learned later in life that saying no is okay and that happiness is often dependent on our ability to honor ourselves.


Apr 6, 2023

Susan talks about being stuck, specifically in an unhappy marriage or partnership, and how normalizing an unhealthy life can be a foolish choice. The longer we stay in undesirable situations, our bodies and brains accept it as the new norm. We condition ourselves in the worst way possible, and keep ourselves...