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Dreams and Detours

Apr 26, 2021

Sometimes life cracks us open when we least expect it. More than a detour, it can shatter us, force us to reinvent altogether. Nancy Pickard knows this well, and she also knows that her strength and determination to cultivate a life to love was on the other side of the wreckage. Tune in to hear as this Master Life Coach...

Apr 2, 2021

We are all artists. Self-expression comes in many forms, and for some, it is directly linked to their identity: performer, writer, musician, painter, creator.

This week, Susan talks about the artist in all of us and the importance of unleashing our inner ideas. The alternative can be inner demons.


Dreams and Detours:...

Mar 19, 2021

We don’t get a playbook in life, so the idea that we should know what we want and who we are at an early age is crazy. Susan talks about pivots and the abundance of professional coaches that have emerged from midlife crashes, including her own. It seems clear that if we afford ourselves time to self-discover we might...

Mar 12, 2021

Change is inevitable and like it or not, it's constantly happening. This week Susan shares her take on being compassionate and making space for others to change. It’s not easy to take steps toward the life we want, and some encouragement goes a long way.


Dreams and Detours:


Feb 18, 2021

Change is scary and exciting. When we make the choice to interrupt life as we know it, we are no longer leaving it to fate. Alex Biondo did just that: she took agency of her life so that she and her daughter could live happily. Sounds simple, but as we all know, life is never that simple. And neither is dating...