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Dreams and Detours

Sep 23, 2021

Susan welcomes Donna Bond, Spiritual Advisor, Business + Life Coach, and author of Original Wisdom: Harness the Power of the Authentic You. Donna shares her personal journey of channeling her inner wisdom and what it means to vibrate higher in order to heal and find your truest self.


Donna Bond:

Sep 16, 2021

Susan talks about the importance of having boundaries and the way in which we can reshape our lives by setting limits in our relationships. From the way that people treat us to the way we treat others, our happiness is dependent on our ability to honor ourselves. 


Dreams and Detours:

Sep 2, 2021

Susan talks about being stuck, specifically in an unhappy marriage, and how normalizing an unhealthy life can be a foolish choice. The longer we stay in undesirable situations, our bodies and brains accept it as the new norm. We condition ourselves in the worst way possible and keep ourselves further from living...

Aug 12, 2021

The aftermath of loss often leaves us in limbo and just detached enough from ourselves to feel like we are walking in circles. Susan sat down with Kimberley Pittman-Schulz to talk about grief and the steps one can take to return to themselves. Kimberley is the author of Grieving Us, A Field Guide for Living With...

Aug 5, 2021

We often hear ‘you are more than your worst thought or moment’ to stop judging ourselves and to show self-love. But what if you didn’t learn self-love or to be kind to yourself? What if you were led to believe that you are the problem, and it sends you down the path of trying to control or fix everything?...